Handprint Crab Project

August 19, 2011
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To celebrate and remember this summer create a really cute hand print crab craft with your kids. This craft is great for all ages and is really easy to create. 


  • goggle eyes
  • washable tempera paint 
  • construction paper
  • paint brushes 

1.  Clean you kids hands, then use a paint brush to apply red paint to both palms of their hands. I would do one hand at a time, and complete the print, then do the other hand. To create the crab make sure to overlap the palms of the hands slightly to create the crab's body. Also while doing the print try to get your child to spread his fingers out to create the legs of the crab. 

2. You can add sand, water and background for your crab.

3. Once the paint has dried, add two goggle eyes to the top of each thumb print. 

4. Give your crab a mouth. 

5. Add your name and age some where on the drawing.